Exterior Painting

Is it time to get your home repainted or does your home need a face lift? If your home is in need of new paint job, you are in the right place. Just Paint Systems, (JPS)  is a company you can trust to get your job done on time an within budget.

Waiting too long to paint your house can lead to expensive problems down the road. If you are like most people, your home is probably your most valuable asset.

Ensure the value of your home by making sure you hire a painting company that is going to get the job done right. IF your home is showing signs of wear, call us today.

Our painting company can handle residential exterior that include siding, stucco, brick and wood.

Interior Painting

Is it time to get the inside of your home repainted? Do you have a few rooms that need to be freshened-up? if the inside of your home is need of a new paint job, JPS can help.

A fresh coat of paint on the inside of your home can definitely make all the difference in the world. Once you have used JPS you will feel like you should have done this a long time ago. We are capable of repairing nail holes and damage done by those miracles we call kids.

Many homes settle in the first few years after construction. That settling can sometimes create minor cracks and other cosmetic issues that a paint job will repair. Hiring a painting company with a reputation for excellence, quality and attention to detail is the answer. Call today.

Drywall Repair/Install

Drywall issues happen!

Sometimes kids contribute to the damage; However, Most of the damage that we come across is due to other things. Such as: busted water heaters, failing pipes, or out-dated wiring.

Regardless of the cause, JPS is able to help restore the drywall to it's former state, sometimes even better than it was before.

We are also able to help if you are in the process of building your home or office. Really, there is not a job that is too big or too small.



Interior, Exterior or Drywall Repair/install

Regardless of the scope, JPS's goal is to complete the project to your satisfaction.

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